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We are always looking at what will be the “hot” trends in the days ahead. I am told that purple is the color of the year along with smart home appliances and fusion fitness. In America, food is also fashionable. Cauliflower is touted as the new kale, chicken is losing popularity and donuts are replacing cupcakes. This is just to name a few. Also a note that cauliflower will be available in various colors including purple!! So, paint a wall purple or change to LCD light bulbs. But before we get caught up in food trends and tossing the chicken that you were going to make for dinner, it is important to remember that what we eat will impact our physical and emotional wellbeing. A careful blend of past culinary balance and present nutrition knowledge is always in style!

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Welcome to Nutritional Guidance

Welcome to Nutritional Guidance

Nutritional Guidance, Inc. has served the Orlando area for over 20 years providing education and nutrition therapy to those struggling with a variety of nutritional issues. Regardless of the diagnosis, many of our clients’ relationships with food are negative. We are committed to bringing the joy of food into our work. Whether bonding with a child, gathering around the table or designing personal nutritional goals, we hope to inspire our clients to enjoy and embrace the infinite possibilities found in food.

Our staff includes registered and licensed dietitians/nutritionists with advanced degrees and specialized areas of expertise to serve infants, children, teens and adults. Our philosophy is to maximize nutritional well-being and optimize health by implementing the most current research. Our role is to guide and support each client through change by using behavior modification and lifestyle enhancement. We are dedicated to maintaining confidentiality, compassion and cohesive care to each of our clients.