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”I am doing very well. I am very happy, I am eating everything and I am less anxious. I am almost to goal weight and am working very hard. Thank you for all of your help and support.”

  • Marissa

“I could not have achieved my goal of improving my performance running a 15k without your nutritional plan. You have given me direction and I thank you. I am confident that if I continue I will reach my goal weight.”

  • Robert

“Thank you for listening to all my tales of woe. You definitely go beyond nutritional guidance. Maybe this year will be the year!”

  • Ron

“Your presentation in Nutritional Program for the Adolescent was wonderful. I have never seen a group so involved with a speaker regarding nutrition.”

  • Holly

“You help make the conference a great success. Over 200 professionals received vital training that will impact our community and the lives of many children.”

  • Child Protection Conference

“Your nutritional guidance made it easier for me to gain control over my life. I have set my new weight goals and am doing everything right.”

  • Sue

“I have been provided a depth and breadth of experience and knowledge that has only been matched by commitment, dedication and support toward a very successful outcome. In terms of weight loss and nutritional management, I could give no higher recommendation.”

  • Anne

“There were days where I dreaded coming into your office and there were days I looked forward to it because when I was in your office I felt like someone cared about me enough to ask me the tough questions. I really appreciate everything that you did for me. Thank you!“

  • Natalie

“My doctor referred me to Karen 4 years ago as my health was majorly impacted by my poor eating habits. I was close to having a heart attack and plagued with the threat of diabetes at age 39. I remember walking into Nutritional Guidance with much skepticism and I recall saying, “If you plan on giving me supplements or putting me on some diet, this is not going to work for me.” She gently laid out her approach and I immediately began to feel like I was in the right place. Now I am part of the family, Karen has helped me tremendously to improve my health through developing better food habits.”

  • Lorraine

“I appreciate very much your time. You have a lot of wisdom and I am grateful for your counsel and guidance. I am glad that you push me to face my fears and to think about my motives. Thank you for assisting me in staying on track with my recovery.”

  • Heather

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