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Healthie FAQs


Can I block my own webcam during the session?

Yes, simply click the "Camera Off" button.

Can I test my connection?

Yes - prior to starting the session, click the pink arrow in the right corner that says "Test Video Selection"

Uh oh... the quality of the video is not good.

If a connection is made and there is a black screen stating "No Connection" or "Possible Firewall Interference," you will need o check your security software. It is possible that it is inhibiting your Healthie program to operate.

I'm hearing an echo, what do I do?

It happens - simply exit out and join in again.

How do I send my food record information?

You can upload food entries directly into your Healthie account by pressing "Journal" and selecting "Food Entry." Food entries can also be uploaded directly into your account from a Word document. Click "Documents" on the left side bar, and confirm to "Add a Document." You will then be able to upload your document.

Can I access Healthie from my phone?

Yes - Healthie is an app available for iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android devices. Simply go to the App store to download and set-up your account.