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“My doctor referred me to Karen 4 years ago as my health was majorly impacted by my poor eating habits. I was close to having a heart attack and plagued with the threat of diabetes at age 39. I remember walking into Nutritional Guidance with much skepticism and I recall saying, “If you plan on giving me supplements or putting me on some diet, this is not going to work for me.” She gently laid out her approach and I immediately began to feel like I was in the right place. Now I am part of the family, Karen has helped me tremendously to improve my health through developing better food habits.”

  • Lorraine

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Patient Forms

Patient Forms

Please review our office forms. The Office Policies and Procedures and the Patient Authorization forms should be completed, scanned and emailed to [email protected] prior to your appointment.

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Tracking Your Own Weight

Taking the Weight of a Nutritional Guidance Client

Procedures for Weights and Heights by Clinicians

If you have been instructed to complete a food diary, you should complete it and return it at least 48 hours prior to your scheduled appointment (if time permits).